HEPA Vacuum Cleaner – The Ideal Product to Remove Allergens

HEPA Vacuum cleaner:

  • Dyson Allergy Model Series (comparison can be found [here][1])

Reason: Dyson’s entire range of upright and canister vacuums is the first to earn asthma & allergy friendly Certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

Asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program

Asthma & allergy friendly Certification Program

Some terminology you need to know:

  • Certified asthma & allergy friendly

    It is a Certification Program was created by top medical experts and the oldest and largest nonprofit, asthma and allergy patient advocacy organization in the world, with the mission to empower consumers to make an informed purchase decision when choosing allergen-avoidance products. Only the best products can be certified (see http://www.asthmaandallergyfriendly.com)

  • Dyson Cinetic™ technology – no matter how often you clean the filers, the dust and dirt will still attach to it and block airflow, which causes the vacuum cleaner to lost suction. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum, however, is the only vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. It can oscillate at up to 5,000 Hz (5000 oscillation per second), in order to separate the microscopic dust and prevent dust building up and blocking the airflow. Since the dust separation is so efficient that there’s no need for a filter anymore!

  • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology – it’s a patented technology which maximize suction power. By impred flow efficiency, more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones and thus remove more dust and allergen.

  • Ball Technology: unlike fixed wheels, the ball’s axis can be titled and easier to control. It also lowers the center of gravity and makes it lighter in the hand.

  • Hygienic bin emptying: One click to release dust is important.

The Allergy models are suitable for filtering out microscopic allergens, including Dust Mites. Please refer to this [comparison][1] to choose your favourite model.