Recommended Products for Reducing Dust Mites

There are ways to reducing the number of dust mites at home. In How to get rid of dust mite we already suggested to vacuum with a HPEA cleaner, and use allergen-proof encasing to stop dust mite entering into the pillow and mattress. The recommended products are to:

  • Physically remove the dust mites

    • a high power vacuum clean is not enough, as the dust mites are tiny and can pass though normal filter
    • a vacuum cleaner with HPEA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration is ideal in order to filter small particles, including dust mites and other allergens
    • Please take a look of our recommended HPEA vacuum cleaners¬†and product reviews.
  • Prevent the dust mites from staying inside the bedding

    • Like a HPEA filter, we need a cover or encasing to stop the dust mites entering to our beddings
    • normal fibre of wools, cotton is not dense enough and will let the dust mites pass through
    • we need some other materials with smaller pore size, or even water-proof
    • Please take a look of our recommended allergen-proof encasing.