Allergen-Proof encasing – barrier to stop dust mites

To prevent Dust Mites from staying on your bed by using allergen-proof encasing

Allergy bedding, mattress encasings and covers, pillow encasings, duvet covers, feather bed covers and box spring covers that are made to keep dust mite allergens out of your bed or keep the ones already in it from messing with your allergies.

Remember dust mites are very tiny and they can easily hide under normal covers. With allergen proof encasing, which is made from a type of fabric, membrane or micro weave, that does not allow dust mite allergens or bugs to pass through and they fully encase the piece and zip closed.

When covered, your bedding is protected from dust mites and other allergen such as pollen, and even bed bugs. But remember, dust mites are still there, and they will die at there. Therefore you still have to wash the cover regularly.

Types of covers:
The covers are really made in two different styles:
•    Membrane, urethane that is bonded to a fabric, and
•    Micro-weave, the fabric is woven so tight it creates a barrier.

Membrane fabric
•    does not allow any allergens to pass.
•    water-proof.
•    least expensive
•    recommended for children’s beds
Recommended Mattress Encasement:

Recommended Pillow Encasement:

Micro-weave fabrics
•    the fibers are tightly woven so that they create a barrier against dust mite allergens.
•    How effective these covers will be is based on the pore size, the space between the fibers.
•    lighter and cooler of the fabrics used for allergy encasings
Recommended Mattress ZipCover:

Recommended Pillow ZipCover: